Arsa, Nepali Rice Molasses Patties

The Nepali Rice Molasses Patties used during the festival of Tihar, Arsa is more like a sweet. It is often made during that time to offer it to the brothers when the sisters hand them the Sagun that consists of dry fruits, fresh fruits, sweets and curd. In this article we discuss a process of making Arsa which you could make to offer to your brother during the festival next time or simply divulge yourself with it.


3 cups Basmati rice, soaked for a few hours

1 cup soft butter

2 cups molasses

1 tsp rose water

1 tbsp ground cardamom

½ cup almond nuts

1 cup whole milk

1 tsp salt

1 ltr cooking oil

1 cup sesame seeds


First of all, use a blender to grind soaked rice, soft butter, almond, sugar, rose water and salt into a smooth paste. Now, combine milk and molasses, let it boil and gradually keep adding the rice mixture, a little at a time but make sure to stir it constantly. When you are done, you will have supple cooked dough.

Now, make two inch balls out of the cooked dough. Place a plastic wrap on a board, coat the surface lightly with melted butter and sprinkle sesame seeds over it. After that, flatten the dough into thin five inch diameter patty and sprinkle some sesame seeds on the top of the patty. Repeat this process with other dough balls as well. Now, heat oil and gently drop a rice patty in the oil. Let it fry until the other side turns golden brown and when it does, turn that over on the other side. When the both sides turn golden brown and it looks crispy, take it out of the oil. Place it on a paper towel to absorb the excessive oil and repeat the process with all other patties. Your Nepali Rice Molasses Patty is ready to serve but make sure to dust them with sugar powder before you serve it.