Ashusen Lama, winner of South Asian Star 2008

One of the multitalented, young, kind hearted, humble and well mannered singers in Nepal, Ashusen Lama has also won the title the South Asian Star Nepal 2008. He has been successful to win the hearts of millions of fans around the nation with his unique voice and compositions. Also involved in social works, he donates 10 percent to charity from each of his programs. This multitalented singer has composed songs for singers like Prashant Tamang, Karma Sherpa, Sonam Pakhrin and many others.

ashusen lama

His musical career began with his involvement with a band Tantra as a vocalist, back in 2002. After that, he performed in various hotels with Attar band. After working around three to four years with those two bands, he recorded his first solo song Man Manai Maan Paraune with the studio arrangement in the year 2006. After that, the recordings continued and at the same time, he took part in the program called Timro Swor Mero Geet on Nepal Television and won the 2nd position. He also participated in a program on the KATH 97.9 FM called Swor Sangam and became first. Then, he won the title of South Asian Star Nepal of Image Channel in 2008 and since then, there has been no looking back. After winning the title, he went to Calcutta to compete with other South Asian Countries and won himself the title, making him the first Nepali to win the contest. Although he got the information about the contest from newspaper and Image Channel, he was inspired by Anil Sthapit, the cover designer and photographer.

Although he was in the same field for many years, winning the title got him recognition as a public figure and also brought many opportunities along his way. One who considers music as a soul and passion, he Ashusen Lama would like to call himself a good stage performer and a singer. He had also composed songs for 3rd Indian Idol Prashant Tamang and top 14th winner of ZTV Sare Ga Ma Pa, Karma Sherpa. Also involved with the organization named World Link SMS tour, he donates ten percent from every program of his to the illiterate and orphaned children. Besides music, he loves to be involved in social work.