Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL)

The only bottler of Coca-Cola products in Nepal, Bottlers Nepal Limited (BNL) has two plants in the country namely Kathmandu Bottlers Nepal Limited and Bharatpur Bottlers Nepal (Terai) Limited situated at Kathmandu and Bharatpur, respectively. The import of Coca-Cola from India to Nepal first began in 1973 and six years later in 1979, the local production of the drink in the country itself was started. Promoted by the Khetan Group, one of the leading business organizations in Nepal, Bottlers Nepal also handles the bottling and marketing of other products such as Sprite and Fanta.

Entitled as “Refresh the Marketplace” the marketing, sales and distribution strategy for Bottlers Nepal Limited include a robust Consume Response System to address any consumer/ customer concerns, ideas, suggestions either on product and its quality or on stock supply, maintenance of equipment, etc. The company makes sure to deal all consumer concerns with a fair, timely and friendly manner so as to satisfy them and resolve their concerns. The marketing and advertisement of the products emphasizes POS (point-of-sale), radio, television, hoardings, truck backs, etc. along with emphasis on consumer price to enforce price compliance. It focuses on making innovative packages and pack sizes so that the consumers get better value and also the storage of the products are easy for the retailers. The packs and prices come in the manner that is affordable to the people of all sectors.

Its approach of conducting business makes sure to adapt and implement the approaches that protect, preserve and enhance the environment and for that it has built a fully automatic Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in each of its plants that have been in operation since 2001 to protect the local environment along with meeting the standards of The Coca-Cola Quality System (TCCQS).

bottlers nepal limited

Committed to strengthening the community through various programs at forefront in health sector, Bottlers Nepal Limited, in association with the local community, supports Free Health Check-up Clinic at Bharatpur which is managed by a qualified MBBS Doctor and trained paramedics who extend free check-ups to communities around the plant in the Terai area.

Since its establishment, Bottlers Nepal Limited has been one of the leading companies in Nepal handling the bottling and marketing of the soft drinks in the country. With its plants set up in the valley and in Terai region, BNL has expanded its coverage from the valley to the inner lands of Terai serving to quench the thirst of the people living in the Terai region especially to those working under scorching sun.