Garden of Dreams, an oasis of peace

In the midst of downtown Kathmandu’s urban bustle, the tranquil oasis of the Kaiser Mahal Garden stands as an enduring legacy of the extraordinary vision and talent of one man – Late Field Marshall Kaiser Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. This magnificent neo-classical garden is typical of the wide-ranging interests of the remarkable Rana aristocrat. A statesman, scholar, linguist, and connoisseur of horticulture, art, and literature, Kaiser Shumsher created a masterpiece that, today, stands as an example of tranquility and beauty.

After the demise of Kaiser Sumsher, the garden was handed over to the Government of Nepal. However it was not properly managed for decades. A seven- year of extensive renovation has revived the garden with the original concept and added modern facilities.

Garden of Dreams has enthralled the visitors ever since it was opened to their delight. The garden’s design has much in common with formal European gardens: paved perimeter paths, punctuated by pavilions, trellises, various planting areas, sculptures, waterfalls, exotic plants and flowers, circular gates, steps integrated into the lawn, all surrounded by a sunken flower garden with a large pond at its center.

The entrance on Tridevi Marg looks small, and conceals what can be found just behind the high wall surrounding the Garden of Dreams. Once inside, as the noise of cars and motorbikes, the voices and yells, disappear behind your back, you walk into an oasis of peace. You realize that the only sound around you is either of the birds singing or the murmuring of water.

Garden of Dreams is a place where you are all by yourself.  It is a place you will fall in love with..