Celebrating Rishi Panchami festival – photo feature

Rishi Panchami is celebrated by the Hindu women after they reach their menstruation period. In this day, the seven powerful saints, locally known as Sapta Rishi are worshipped seeking for forgiveness for any mistakes committed during the menstruation period. It is believed that the clan or the Gotras of Nepali people are named after the name of the seven saints. All the females from the Hindu community who have reached their menstruation period celebrate this festival by taking ritual bath, keeping a fast and offering puja to the saints.

A group of women performing the Rishi Panchami puja. They worship the seven saints and ask forgiveness for any mistakes they made during their menstruation period.

Women performing the Rishi Panchami puja while others waiting on a line for their turns to worship the Sapta Rishi.

Unmarried girls performs the Sapta Rishi puja. The hill like structure seen in the photo graph is considered as the image of the Sapta Rishi and the holy offering is made around it.

Girls performing the Gau Daan (giving away a cow to the priest as a gift) ritual. It is considered as one of the most important and sacred ritual.

Photos: Anisha Bhattarai