Chisapani on trail

A day’s walk from Sudarijal takes you to the small village of Chisapani which is considered as one of the most popular trekking trails that goes to honored destination such as Gosaikunda and the beautiful landscapes of the Langtang National Park. Most of the trekkers pass through Chisapani during the trekking season and the time when the weather is clear, the mountains appear as if they are a life-sized posters looming behind the town.

chisapani dada

It is not a destination but a town beside the trail and understanding where it stands, the place has grown around the idea of catering to the needs of the trekkers. Looking at the town seems like it only desires to cater the needs of the trekkers while they are on their way rather than encouraging them to stop for the night. Over the time it has remained same, apart from few hotels adding up a storey or two there are no new hotels built. It serve like a base camp of the mountain where people come for many reasons, some to take rest before moving, some to visit because they cannot move further, however, rare are the ones who actually ‘come’ to the place.

Even though it is not amazing as various other towns on trail or the small villages, it is beautiful in its own way. It is a perfect place if you want to go on a hike for a day, spend the night there are return the day after. Even if there are only few hotels there is enough space around the town for you to put up your tent and enjoy the wilderness. Sundarijal is an amazing sight that comes on your way to Chisapani and you could also plan a day hike further to Nagarkot from here. There is also a snooker parlor in Chisapani and beside that it has remained to its rural roots. Although the place has been catering and also accommodating tourists for many years now, it has not discarded its rural roots. This might be the right place for you to visit if you want a simple one day hike to a rural town with mountains around.