Chitwan Jungle Lodge

A place to stay real close to the wildlife and adventure while you relax and take a break from your busy schedule, Chitwan Jungle Lodge is an ideal place to live your dream of living in the jungles with wild animals and trees around you. Located deep in the subtropical forests of the southern part of Nepal, the lodge is situated seven kilometers within the Chitwan National Park. A holiday destination that has been in service for over two decades, Chitwan Jungle Lodge is popular not only among the people of Nepal but also among others who come to Nepal during vacations to enjoy their time in this naturally and culturally rich country.

It is not only their secluded and insulated setting that makes the lodge a perfect getaway from the busy life of the cities but also the services and hospitality of the staffs here which makes you want to come over and over again. The lodge offers various jungle activities to its guests in order to keep them occupied and enjoying. One of the many activates is getting close to nature where the highly knowledgeable and trained naturalists of the lodge helps the guests learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the subtropical forests of the country. Also, it lets you join fellow travelers at night for campfires with a jungle cocktail from Mahoute’s Bar.

chitwan jungle lodge

Built by local materials, the lodge itself reflects rich cultural and rustic tradition of the country and although the structures are made with local materials, the rooms are comfortable and warmly decorated and every room has an attached bathroom. The lounging areas consist of Reader’s Tower where you can simply read a book or listening quietly to the birds chirping. Despite all the facilities it offers, the lodge is also careful not to disturb or destruct the nature and natural setting of the place. The hot showers of the lodge use solar heaters and the lodge also use minimal electrical lighting to conserve energy, at the same time, not to disturb the animals in the area.

Committed to help the community supporting it, Chitwan Jungle Lodge has also contributed in the development of the villages nearby by building education infrastructure as well as hiring people from the local community. The resort also helps schools, youth clubs and literary societies in the areas as well as conducts an annual literary meet with the objective of letting the natural beauty inspire Nepali poets, artists, writers and philosophers.

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Chitwan Jungle Lodge
Reservation Office, 390, Nagpokhari Sadak
PO Box: 1281, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4442240/1
Fax: +977-1-4442228