Dolpo Tulko

Known popularly by the name of Dolpo Tulko, Sherapsambo from Dolpa is given the Buddhist title ‘Tulko’ as he is believed to be the first incarnation of Buddha in Dolpa. He left for South India to study when he was only nine years old and after being accredited a Buddhist master in India, he traveled extensively to attend seminars and conferences. One who is pursuing a doctorate in Buddhist Philosophy, Tulko also has a documentary called Dolpo Tulko dedicated to and based on him.

Although he had spent 17 years studying in India, whenever he came to Kathmandu during his holidays, he got a chance to meet his friends from his home district Dolpa. One who was always conscious about the hardship people suffered there, he made an effort to enquire about the situation back home and if any development has occurred. But he did not get good news often. There always were the problems of proper education and proper functioning of the health centers etc. Finally in 2008, he decided to visit his home district but instead of feeling joy on returning to one’s home after so long, he was struck by the distressing reality of it all.

dolpo tulku

Upon his return after so long, the only ‘development’ he could see were the instant noodles, aerated drinks and beers flooding the shops, which wasn’t as positive either. However, the education system had been uplifted with many schools being set up and running on the funds from Western NGOs, giving the Dolpali children more opportunities at education. However, development in health care was a far cry.

He began practicing Aamchi healing – a traditional Tibetan science that relies on natural and ayurvedic elements, to offer an alternative to modern medicine. The treatment was effective in healing chronic illnesses, issues of blood circulation and gastritis and similar problems and he was able to treat many through his practice. However, Aamchi had its limitations and Tulku wasn’t unaware of it. The Yarshagumba trading attracted many outsiders resulting in the pollution of Dolpa’s environment and also bringing new diseases. The instant rise in population also caused rise in diseases like Typhoid and Chicken Pox. However, the lack of proper medical facilities and vaccine here has made the problem worse. Tulku has been working with the Winer Clinic Team at the Stupa community Hospital in Bouddha with aim of providing free vaccination services to Dolpali’s traveling to the capital in winter. He has also been aiding other medical service providers that are focused on Dolpa for past few years with the funds collected during his travels to various Asian nations with large Buddhist Populations, and other countries around the world.