Dwarika Himalayan Shangri-La Village Resort

Situated at Dhulikhel, Dwarika Himalayan Shangri-La Village Resort is a holiday destination set in the peaceful, restful and calm environment of Dhulikhel boasting of the splendid mountain views and colorful flower beds with the sweet melody of the birds in the background while you watch the sunrise or sunset from your room window.

The Dwarika’s most recent venture in the hills of Dhulikhel, Dwarika Himalayan Shangri-La Village Resort was the result of takeover of the Shangri-La Village Resort by the former in their quest of expansion of their services in 2006. The first year was spent upgrading the resort facilities by incorporating the special Dwarika touch and although the resort is still maintaining some aspects of the unique original architectural image of Dwarika’s urban hotel, it is focused more on the ambience of the village and the natural environment. The resort plans to include medicinal herbs, a spice garden, additional flowering shrubs and fruit trees in the existing gardens cascading down the slope.

dwarika resort

The resort, similar to the hotel in Kathmandu, serves good food and has spacious and well maintained rooms and first class guest services with attention given to every detail. With the restaurants with both indoor and patio service and the lounge with a fireplace and a large screen TV in one corner, the resort has everything that is needed for comfort of the guest. However, not every room has a television and also the resort does not have an AC which cannot be installed as it disturbs the environment. But who needs TV and AC when they enjoy the wonderful view and authentic ambience of the nature in one of the popular holiday destinations of Dhulikhel. Known for many short holiday trips among those taking break from hectic schedule in Kathmandu, the quiet and peace of Dhulikhel attracts many tourists, nationals and international, to observe and explore its natural beauty and assets.

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Dwarika’s Himalayan Shangri-La Village Resort

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The Dwarika’s Hotel

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