Hotel Manaslu

Situated in the busy hotel lane of Lazimpat in Kathmandu, Hotel Manaslu thrives to set an example of splendid and warm Nepalese hospitality. Although it is situated in one of the busiest places in Kathmandu, the hotel, in the inside, is calm and peaceful which is undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the busy streets just outside its main gate. The hotel comes as a respite to those who wants to stay close to the city yet, away from the noise and crowd.

The hotel was set up in the year 1972 by Late Hridaya Das Shrestha with the vision and passion of promoting Nepal’s vibrant culture of warm hospitality. Since its establishment, the hotel has been serving its guests with warm and comfortable accommodation, authentic taste of Nepal and its splendid culture with the objective of making them feel at home even while they are miles away from their home. The hotel named after eighth highest mountain in the world “Manaslu” which also means “Mountain of the Spirit”, the hotel thrives to stay true to its name by welcoming its guests with high spirits and promise of great comfort making their stay a pleasant one.

hotel manaslu

The hotel believes in combining splendor with Nepalese hospitality and creating a model of elegance and survives with all the comforts of home which it also considers as its major motto. Almost all the rooms in the hotel are decorated in Newari Style which reflects one of the richest culture and tradition of the country. And probably because of its decor, the rooms are also named as Newari rooms.

If you are planning on conducting a meeting, conference or seminar, then Hotel Manaslu might come as an option to consider with its two wonderfully decorated and comfortable halls. The Hriday Hall is bright and hearty as its name suggests (Hriday meaning ‘heart’) which can accommodate twenty eight people if seated in U shape style and fifty people if seated in classroom style along with creating an additional secretarial room. The Stupa Hall, too, accommodates similar number of people if seated in U shape style, however, if you choose to sit in class room style, them the number of people it can accommodate reaches to sixty along with providing an additional secretarial room.

For further details or reservations, contact:

Hotel Manaslu
230 Hotel Marg, Lazimpat
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4410071/ 4413470/ 4429671
Fax: +977-1-4418278