Mahadev ko Pakoda Pasal

Mahadev ko Pakoda Pasal, a well-known place for having Nasta, is located on the way to Bhagwati Temple opposite to Thapa Electronics in Rajbiraj. The eatery caters pakoda, chop, and nasta with chutney to the people of Rajbiraj in its small and modest outlet.

The shop is owned by a person named Mahadev who took on to selling pakoda, chop and nasta to his customers as a means to sustain his livelihood, however, never had he realized that his shop would one day become famous all over the town. The people from almost all walks of life living in Rajbiraj come to visit here for a plate of spicy nasta or to munch on those hot and spicy pakodas, especially at lunch hour and in the evening. The cost of a plateful of nasta is only Rs.25 and this plateful is enough to gratify your hunger, however, will tempt you for more. The hot and spicy chops are offered at Rs.5 each and also pakodas are available at minimum price. Mahadev ko Pakoda Pasal provides a place for people to enjoy their lunch at cheap rates during the short lunch breaks they get.


The nasta item includes bhuja, chana, pakoda, chop and chutney which are desired by most of the people in Rajbiraj. The place is mostly packed during the lunch hours and in the evening since most of the people of Rajbiraj have a tendency to enjoy their lunch or afternoon snacks at eateries like this with chatting with their friends.

Mahadev ko Pakoda Pasal has become successful in attracting majority of people with the snack items it serves to the people of Rajbiraj and with this, it has also been able to secure god profit. The place, however, does not look hygienic and is pretty unmanaged as well, which actually is the case in most of the hotels and eateries in the Terai region of Nepal. Nevertheless, people tend to forget all about the place and hygiene when they go there to devour the spicy snacks at the eatery. Although the place seems to be unmanaged and unhygienic, if managed properly then Mahadev ko Pakoda Pasal might as well turn into one of the most popular and most visited as well as hygienic eateries in Rajbiraj for spicy snack items.