A moon light dinner at Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Situated on the fifth floor of A-One Complex, Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar makes you forget where you are as its décor gives you the feel of being on a beach. Themed on the seashore, the walls and ceilings along with the couches, tables and chairs are all dominated by white and sky-blue hues. Not only are the interior of the restaurant but also the external views of the hills and the city from the place mesmerizing. One of the major attractions of the place is the transparent doom which is used as the ceiling which not only allows the natural lights flowing in but also lets you gaze at the stars above during the night. Not only that, but the entire place lights up during a full moon night because of the light that comes from the large windows. The light from the moon and the twinkle of the star gives you the romantic feeling of dining under the natural starlight on a full moon day. Adding up to the romantic environment is the piped music played at the right volume that makes your night worthy with your loved one/s.

Eager and dedicated to create and serve full flavored food that has a beginning, middle and finish to every bite, the Reef family emphasizes on Italian, Mediterranean and Continental Cuisines with their specialty being fusion of fresh and homemade dishes. The experimentation by Chefs Gopi Thapamagar and Hari Magar has resulted in their own concoctions which bring out the variety in dishes on the menu that cannot be found anywhere else. One of the various cuisines on the menu is the Stuffed tandoori aalu, an oven-baked dish which consists of potatoes stuffed with a mix of nuts, almond, cheese and paneer served with mint sauce and mixed salad with lemon on the side. Those who love sea food, the restaurant has special item to offer going by the name of Shrimp cocktail. The dish consists of a glass stuffed with lettuce and shrimp with cocktail sauce in a fancy little bowl alongside on the saucer which not only tastes but also looks good. For the chicken lovers, the chicken with cheese and veggie stuffing is sure to satisfy your taste. Also, equally recommended are the Pork chop and pizza served here. The best way to end the meal is to order a dessert from the menu they have. The dining experience at the Reef Restaurant is definitely worthy of your time as well as money and if you want to treat someone special or celebrate some special occasions, make sure to come here on the full moon night when the place will be lit with the moon light and the twinkling stars to make your night mesmerizing and unforgettable.

The place also features live band performances and open mic sessions along with catering to birthday parties and Saturday brunches. Also, a dining hall present in the restaurant serves as an apt family destination to let the people feel home away from home. The one year time taken by the decorators to complete the interior of the Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar is absolutely worthy as the interior of the place takes you to the entirely different world and gives you the pleasure of dining at an open seashore rather than being inside four walls.