Mount Everest Kennel Club

Established in 1998, Mount Everest Kennel Club helps you find solutions for all your problems related to your dogs. Be it a home service or any consultations regarding the products and supplements for your dogs, a team of trained professionals are ready to help you with all your queries with a single phone call, regardless of the breed of the dogs.

Mount Everest Kennel Club, also known as Mekclub, not only provides veterinary services but also sells grooming products and it has been focused on improving and expanding its services since its establishment. It started off as an attempt to vaccinate pet dogs around the community and has expanded to providing services that range from canine surgeries to dog mating and training. Situated in Old Baneshwor, Mekclub was started by its founder and Managind Director Suresh Shah as a dimension of business and start a new paradigm which was different than those present during his time. However, this business idea has turned out to be more of a matter of interest than business for him in present time.

The services this club provides include vaccination, treatment of diseases, surgeries, regular check-ups at home, lab facility, buying and selling of puppies, dog mating and training, pet food, kennel boarding and counseling. On top of that, the customers also get to buy grooming commodities for their dogs at the shop in the club or could also buy them online. Moreover, the club also provides the facility of connecting with their customers using Facebook where they could even place their orders for services or products.

Mekclub is the first place to visit if you have a thought of adopting a puppy into your family. Because of its services and products, the club has also been highly recognized and popular. For further information regarding the club, you can visit their official website .