Phoenix International Private Limited

A competitive, professional, diversifying and service-oriented private limited company in Nepal, Phoenix International Private Limited was established to help the students choose a good educational institution in abroad for their further education. Registered under Nepal Company Act 2021 BS, the company was established in the year 2007 AD. It was established with the objective of fulfilling Nepal’s educational market with involvement in several sectors that are in demand by the Nepali students.

One of the major objectives of the company is to keep the students updated with the latest changes as well as the information of various colleges and universities abroad so that the deserving Nepalese students will be able to achieve their life goals. With a belief that collaboration, connection and sharing are an integral aspect of growth and success, the company aims to find the educational solution and assist students pursue higher or abroad education. The company dedicated to help people through quality counseling, training, education, employment and other services strives to develop good and long term relation with the people. With its quality service on offer for the clients, the company is committed to excellence in service, creative markets and reasonable process.

phoenix internationalUnderstanding the need of skill trainings and knowledge of foreign language to the people aspiring to study, work or simply travel abroad, Phoenix International Private Limited has merged with a team of qualified people, committed to better service, to meet these demands. Phoenix International is committed to its company value that is Friendly (F), Inspiring (I), Straightforward (S) and Teamwork (T), which in short, is known as FIST. With its head office located in Kalopul, Kathmandu, the company has also opened up a branch office at Chabahil, Kathmandu.

Committed to provide excellent services to the deserving candidates, the company offers basically five areas of services that are career counseling to abroad, abroad study programs, recruitment counseling in foreign employment, skill or semi skill migration to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and many other countries, travel and tours, language, computer and hospitality services and co-coordinating different events. The company that believes in doing work efficiently values client’s satisfaction and their values, most.

The team of well trained and educated staffs works diligently to help the students in their quest for abroad studies. Phoenix International Private Limited plans to expand its network and services to three more branch offices within the valley (apart from the existing ones) in future. Moreover, it is also planning to extend its contact offices in abroad in order to support the Nepalese students living there, for which the preparations are underway. It also plans to establish its own travel and tour agency in Kathmandu to further help the students with their travel arrangements while going for abroad studies. In addition to this, it is also preparing to launch J1, H2A, H2B Visa programs to USA for the interested candidates.

Some of the trainings it offers include Food Safety Management Training, Guest Service (waiter/waitress/bartender/etc.), cook – bakery and such, security guard trainings, language trainings for English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Hebrew French and Nepali, etc. along with giving instructions on visa interviews, resume and CV writing and pre-departure briefing.

For further details, contact:

Phoenix International Private Limited
Kalopul, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel/ Fax: +977-1-4495472