Potter’s Square, Where Beauty Comes to Rest

A two-minute walk south of Bhaktapur Durbar Square brings you to Bolachhen, also known as Potter’s Square. Pottery is very clearly what this square is all about. One can see potters molding wet clay into different earthenware. Under shady open verandahs or tin-roofed sheds all around the square, potters’ wheels spin and clay is molded. In the square itself, thousands of finished pots sit out in the sun to dry, and are sold in the stalls around the square.

Bhakatapur , the ancient city of Asia, is quite renowned for its unique traditions, colorful culture, fabulous festivals, stupendous arts and architecture and typical Newari lifestyle. The age old craft has survived the calls for modernization and today it enhances Bhakatapur’s value as a city of heritage.