Prabhu Finance Company

Update: The finance company started its joint operation with Sambridhi Bikash Bank and Baibhav Finance Limited in 2013 and started operating as ‘Prabhu Bikash Bank’.

Established in February 2006 with C-class Banking License from Central Bank of Nepal, Prabhu Finance Company is also a sister company of Prabhu Money Transfer (PMT). The company provides banking facilities for 365 days with Internet as well as Debit Card Facilities and also provides loan to those going for Foreign Employment.

The bank that gives the facilities to withdraw money from the account maintained with Bank through all PMT branches/counters and its agents, also offers attractive interest rate of eight percent yearly on Saving Account. The company also provides loan against Individual and/or Group Collateral and also provides the account opening and statement printing through Internet Banking with its E-Banking facilities. The individual statement can be seen with the USER ID/Password and balance can be transferred to account holders of PRFL through E-Banking. Moreover, it provides account deposit facilities to all commercial banks and financial institution in Nepal along with giving you the SMS Banking facilities to keep you updated with your account.

prabhu finance

The company has thirty three branches and two extension counters in Nepal and plans to further expand its branches by 2012. It has expanded its branches for disbursement remittance and banking service in Nepal. With its head office in Kathmandu, the company was established with the vision of making the company the front runner in the field of finance and to bring the individuals hitherto devoid of modern banking facilities inside the net of fast, efficient and progressive banking channels. The finance company considers expanding reach through branches both inside and outside the country, encouraging banking habit among people receiving remittance money, developing the culture of ‘customer first’, employing modern and effective technologies for high performance, strengthening internal management mechanisms and making them more and more customer-oriented, working for the betterment of people working directly or indirectly for the organization and serving individuals, society and the country as a whole as its major mission.

Prabhu Finance Company, to fulfill its mission, has offered various products and services to its valued customers and clients. The products that this finance company offers are Mamata Bachat Khata, Bharosa Bachat Khata, Prabhu Savings, Sangini Bachat Khata, Aashirbaad Bachat Khata, Normal Saving Account, Prabhu Sabiko Bachat Khata and Prabhu Fixed Deposit under Accounts and Deposits scheme, Education Loan, foreign employment loan, home loan, personal vehicle loan, hire purchase and house hold appliances under Consumer Banking scheme, Personal Loan, Working Capital Loan, Funded, consortium Loan, Margin Loan, Bill Purchase, Non-funded, project finance and bank guarantee under Business Banking scheme and Small Business Loan and Small Industry Loan under SME Banking scheme along with other loans such as loan against Fixed Deposit, Loan against gold and loan against share. The services it provides include SCT Debit Card, ABBS, SMS Banking, Prabhu Safe Lockers, E-Banking, Clearing and Collection Service, Extended Counter Service and Fund Transfer.

The finance company started its joint operation with Sambridhi Bikash Bank and Baibhav Finance Limited in 2013 and started operating as ‘Prabhu Bikash Bank’. The bank later merged in 2014 with Zenith Finance Company, Gaurishankar Development Bank and Kist Bank .The bank now operates as Prabhu Bank Limited.