Tip top ko Samosa

One of the oldest establishments in the busiest market area of New road in Kathmandu, Tip Top is famous for the spicy samosas it offers. Catering to the taste of its customers (especially samosa lovers) for over a decade now, Tip Top has been able to establish itself as one of the popular eateries, when it comes to eating samosa and sweets, in the city.

It started off as a small samosa stall in the narrow dark alley opposite to the Bishal Bazaar in New road. The presence of the Tip Top tailor in the alley gave way to its name and from catering to the shopkeepers, tailors and the workers in the area to the people all over Kathmandu, the eatery has come up a long road. During its initial stage, there was no place for the people to sit and still the situation is like that, not because there is no place to sit but because the people like to indulge themselves in the taste of hot and spicy samosas as they stand on a corner. Although it has increased its area from a small stall to a relatively larger café, there never seems to be enough places to sit for the number of customers it serves every day. It is more like a trend for the people to stand here while they eat because most of the time, you could find people standing in the courtyard or inside the café even when the chairs put there are free. Well, it is the way you eat Tip Top ko samosa.

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The price of the samosa, too, has increased over the period of time as the rate of the ingredients increases. In addition to the samosa, it also offers various types of sweets from barfi and peda to rasbari and rasmalais. It also has salty snacks like kachauris, nimki, potato chips to name a few. Whether you find a seat for yourself or not, you will definitely find a corner to stand and devour the delicious spicy snack with tangy tomato chutney. If you have never been to Tip Top before, then you have missed an exciting way of munching on those delicious samosas and you are strictly recommended to visit the place at least one and one thing is for sure, Tip Top ko samosa is one thing that you will never forget. It has also opened up a branch in the Kathmandu Durbar Square.