TurnKey Promotions

When Rebina Mulmi Bajracharya established Longtail e-media Pvt. Ltd, a company that develops digital promotional tools like software and websites, with her partner, she realized the challenges facing others in promoting their business. She, later, set up a company dedicated to research, marketing and promotion, namely TurnKey Promotions (TP) in 2010 to help promote start-up ventures.

Turnkeys promotion nepal

The company was established with an initial investment of Rs. 2.5 million and it works on promoting people, place and product or services also known as 3Ps. For this purpose, the organization carries out research, marketing and promotion. The experience she had collected while working with Longtail had helped her to understand that many people held the wealth of knowledge and creative ideas but lacked effective promotion and marketing strategy. Thus, her company TurnKey Promotions, takes initiatives to promote only those individuals and organizations that have the skills to come up with genuine products or services but lack the confidence in marketing and promotion.

TP has worked with several people and organization including Potter’s Pottery and Garden Ornament (PPGO) project, where the craft of Shyam and Radha Prajapati (Producer of PPGO) are on display. They create terracotta traditional art pieces with a modern twist. They have grown tremendously in terms of reach and clientele, after being associated with TP. The products also receive display at exhibitions such as made in Nepal Expo, Christmas Bazaar and social Entrepreneurship Bazaar.

TP also works on seven projects under terracotta material and workmanship. The seven products include garden ornaments, token of love, art and craft, miniature set, garden landscaping, old home renovation and architectural design.

TP also organizes art and craft projects in schools like Cambridge Public High School and Ullens School to introduce and promote creative handicrafts to school children, apart from promoting over-shadowed entrepreneurs and organizations.