Classic Sherpa Momo

One of the favorite snacks of the Nepalese, momo is loved by all. The most popular and probably the most selling snack in Nepal, there isn’t a single who could keep away from the temptation of these steaming dumplings.

One of the many varieties of momo, Classic Sherpa Momo is the typical Nepali stuffed dumplings made in Sherpa style. It is not limited just to the Sherpa community anymore as this article reveals how the Classic Sherpa Momo is made. Here goes the recipe of the momo:


Dough for wrappers

5 cups of all-purpose flour

5 cups all purpose flour

1 tbsp oil

1 cup water or as required

Pinch of salt


1 lb ground lamb and 1 lb ground pork

2 cups finely chopped onions

1 tbsp minced fresh garlic

1 tbsp minced fresh ginger

2 tbsp soya sauce

½ tsp timur

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp hot chili powder

1 tsp sesame oil

3 tbsp cooking oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Combine all the filling ingredients in a large bowl and mix it thoroughly adjusting the seasoning with salt and pepper. Then, cover the lid and refrigerate it for at least an hour so that the ingredients will gain their unique flavors and also improve the consistency of the filling.

Now take a large bowl and mix all the dough ingredients kneading it into soft dough. Cover and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Now, take the dough and make one inch diameter balls out of it and then slowly, roll the ball between your palms to give it a spherical shape. You can use a wooden roller for making it into a three inch diameter wrapper. Keep the bowl covered to prevent the dough from drying. When all other balls are done, place the wrapper in one hand and pour a tablespoon of the filling into it and then bring together all the edges to the center making pleats. Then pinch and twist the pleats so that there will be no loopholes for the stuffing to get lose.

Then, heat the steamer and oil the steamer rack well to prevent the dumplings from getting stuck. Arrange the momos in the streamer leaving some space between one another, then, close the lid and let it steam for about ten to fifteen minutes. Serve it hot with your favorite momo pickle.

You could also place the uncooked dumplings directly in slightly salted boiling water and cook until it is done that takes about ten minutes.