The Venue Restaurant and Bar

The Venue Restaurant and Bar is situated beside the up market Laximpat in Kathmandu. The restaurant is quite different from most of the other restaurants and eateries in Kathmandu and it could be felt as soon as you enter its ground floor. The small cozy rooms and the private dining areas are designed in a way that seems to pay tribute to the modern Chinese styles of restaurants.

The ambience and the layout of the restaurant has an oriental touch so that it goes well with the variety of cuisines offered in the menu, which mostly includes the authentic Chinese styled dishes. The roof of the restaurant has a sheltered balcony for the customers to enjoy dining and although its green-tinted roof may not be anything new or unique in the architectural concepts, it certainly provides a relaxing ambience matching the whole theme of the restaurant.

the venue restaurant and bar

The major culinary specialty of The Venue is the fact that their noodles are made on site firstly ensuring that the artificial ingredients which come in factory-made noodles are not present and they are also freshly prepared. However, the sad part is that most of the people coming here do not order the chowmein dishes that feature their trademark noodles.

The Szechuan chicken gives a break from the same Nepali and Newari flavors predominant in most of the restaurants in Nepal. The sweet oyster sauce is combined with the aroma of ginger and the fiery chilies that are used throughout traditional Szechuan cuisine. However, the use of shredded rather than diced chicken pieces might be disappointing. Nevertheless, the chicken momos served here are delicious, especially for those who wants something different from the usual masala spiced variety found in Kathmandu. These light and tasty dumplings are made in the same way as the Shanghainese dumplings are.

The major culinary attractions of the place could be listed as Chicken momo, Mushroom in garlic sauce, Szechuan Chicken and Chicken Chowmein. The Venue is affordable place for most of the population to relax and enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine as the most expensive dish in the menu which is the garlic prawns costs just Rs 520.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your weekend indulging yourself with some authentic Chinese cuisines, The Venue Restaurant and Bar is one of the best options for you.