Ambe Steels Private Limited

Established in September 2009 in Lumbini zone, Ambe Steels Private Limited is one of the leading steels manufacturers in Nepal. With its factory set in Gonaha VDC, the industry has been successful to manufacture TMT steel bars as well as other steel products using HSE Gmbh Thermex technology of Germany.

With its commitment of providing the best products and service to its valued clients and users, Ambe Steels is constantly upgrading its equipment and technology to be a pioneer manufacturer by adopting latest changes in technology. All the bars manufactured here are in uniform and proper shape with accurate dimensions because of its sophisticated mill with high tech thermex. The recipient of NS (191) certificate, the company has been successful to manufacture products that has gained huge popularity within the short period of time and are recognized for their best quality among other available in the market.

Incorporated in 1975 AD with the aim of providing quality products in the market, Ambe Group is initiated and promoted by a strong team of entrepreneurs who has been able to take the company to the height of progress through their efforts and dedication. The initial manufacturer of OPC/PPC Grade Ambe Cements, because of the overpowering response from its customers, was inspired to set up TMT Bar mill in Nepal. Over the period of time, with the best effort and experience of the management team of the company, it has been diversifying its activities by implementing state-of-art technology.

Committed to manufactures TMT bars for 8 mm to 32 mm conforming to Nepal Standard, the team is devoted to comply with all the applicable stator and regulatory requirements related to the product and seek to improve the quality of its management team by raising the best human resource available and through direct interaction with their employees.

Ambe Group started cement industry since 2004 with the aim of producing superior quality materials that results in customer satisfaction. TMT bars saves reinforcement, reduces labor cost, lowers transportation costs and are easy to process due to high unsure ability which results in reduction of civil construction costs, increasing its popularity.

Ambe TMT bars that are extra strong with martensite in its upper layer and ferrite- felite in inner layer provides strong hold on concrete and also the low amount of carbon present in it helps in easy and strong welding. These bars are deterioration resistant and are uniform in size and weight. It also has anti earthquake tolerance and fire resistance and due to its elastic feature, it is easy to weld and fold as per the requirement without breaking. It can be used for making mesh, net, grid for construction and the structures with the use of these bars will be long lasting as cost worthy.

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