Bhutan Devi temple in Hetauda

Situated at Butan Devi Road-10 in Hetauda, the temple of Butan Devi is not only famous in Hetauda but all over Nepal. The temple is built is perfect Vastu principal and it is believed that worshipping the goddess helps one to get victory over serious troubles, problems and fear. Butan Devi actually is the form of goddess Durga who killed the great demon Mahishasura because of which she is also known by the name of Mahishasura Mardini.

According to the legends, Mahishasura has terrorized all everyone, from humans to saints, even the gods could not defeat him. He had captured all the three worlds lost by the gods in the battle with him. The defeat was too much for the gods to take and the power of their anger took a form of a mountain that unified the power of all the three worlds and transformed into a woman, who then killed the demon in a battle that lasted for nine days and nights. The battle is now celebrated as the festival of Nauratha or Navaratri.

She is also known as the warrior avatar of goddess Durga, the Mother Shakti. She is the greatest form of power and courage. The temple houses a statue of the goddess killing Mahishasura, who is trying to transfer his Buffalo form back to Human. There are various other small temples of gods and goddesses like RadhaKrishna temple, LaxmiNarayan temple, Shiva temple, Manakamana Devi temple, etc. inside the Bhutan Devi temple premises and it is said that she holds the power of all these gods and goddesses. Also many monkeys live around the temple area who would snatch away anything you carry if you are not careful enough.

People from all over Nepal come to visit this temple and seek for power and courage to overcome their troubles and fear. The temple is quiet and peaceful and being in the temple itself makes the person forget their problems.