Carrot Fudge dessert, Nepali style

Carrot is considered as one of the healthy food items. It can be eaten raw, as a salad, made pickle, cooked a vegetable or made into desserts. Among the many other desserts made by carrot, Carrot Barfi (carrot fudge dessert) is one. The process is simple and easy and does not require too labor as well. Also, the ingredients are found easily. The process of making carrot fudge dessert in Nepali style is given below:

carrot fudge


2 cups finely grated carrots

2 cups khuwa (milk solids)

2 cups half-and-half milk

½ cup butter

1 cup sugar

1 tsp ground cardamom

½ cup thinly sliced almonds

½ cup golden raisins

A dash of red coloring


First of all, burn the stove and put a cooking pan with grated carrots and milk in it. Let the mixture boil and simmer over low heat for an hour until the carrot turns soft. Then, add khuwa, butter, sugar, cardamom, almonds and raisins and mix it all thoroughly. Then sprinkle a dash of red coloring and simmer the mixture stirring it continuously for another fifteen to twenty minutes until the carrot mixture thickens. When it is thick, remove it from heat and transfer it to a well buttered container. Now, spread the content into a two inch thick layer and let it chill in the refrigerator overnight. After that, take it out and cut it into two inch cubes. Top the pieces with sliced almond and serve you carrot barfi chilled.