Lhaphing-the most popular dish in Kathmandu

Lhaphing is now the most popular dish among the Nepalese youths as well as the other generations. It has taken the Nepalese food industry market by storm and now can be seen adopted by many business enthusiasts and famous restaurants.

Lhaphing was originally a Sichuan cuisine called liang fen. It was later universally enjoyed as delicious street food across the Tibetan plateau. It has found its path into the Nepalese food industry as well and has led to top the most famous and loved dish in today’s generation. This typically is a summer dish which is served cold, but is also consumed during the winter as well due to its mind blowing texture and flavor which also adds a unique essence to your taste buds. It is a dish that after consuming for the first time, you will surely be craving for more.

In Kathamndu itself, Lhaphing was first introduced in the area and streets of Boudha by many small shops dedicated to serving this dish in particular. And because of its massive popularity, this dish has been able to travel from Boudha to the busy streets of New Road, Chabahil, Baneshwor, Swayambhu, you name it! All the small as well as big enterprises have now adopted this dsh due to its heavy demand.

And as if its original taste was not mouth watering enough, business enterprises also have now begun to add new varieties of Lhaphing dishes, such as: White Lhaphin, Chau Chau Lhaphin, Sadheko Lhaphing, Lhaphin Chat and many more.

Thus, it can be surely said that if you have still not tried this dish, then you most certainly have to!