Nepal on a Mountain Bike

What is a better feeling than the brushing of air against your cheeks and an off-beat trail in a picturesque surrounding?  Yes! That is the thrill of mountain biking in Nepal. With challenging mountain roads that climb up to spectacular views, and adrenaline pumping descents, with quaint villages off the main roads, Nepal is virtually a Mecca for mountain biking.

Nepal has a diversity that ranges from the tropical plains of Terai, the mid-hills, the mountainous terrain and its lush valleys to the arctic climate of the high alpine region. Share the adventure of this amazing landscape on a mountain bike. Some mountain biking trails take you away from the hustle bustle of the city-town life into serene country life. Other hidden trails take you to rarely visited area of local village where the traditional life style that has been preserved for centuries.

Around the Kathmandu valley, mountain biking options are endless. You can challenge yourself on long, hilly rides out on the valley rim or just explore the many temples and Newari villages in the lower valley. So are the other trails all around the country.

What can be more inviting? Peddle on your own and unleash Nepal’s treasures one by one.