Nepali hip-hop artist – Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha, the singer of the popular song Saathi has become a household name in the Nepali music industry. Who doesn’t know this Nepali hip-hop artist? It hasn’t been long since he entered into the world of music, however, within a short time he gained much popularity from his single Saathi.

The song is in the form of poetry, as most of the rap songs are. It tells the tale of two best friends who get into the habit of taking drugs. As the time passes by, one of them realizes that he should quit the drugs and struggles his way out of it while his friend dies. Yama Buddha mentions it as his favorite song as it is inspired by his own experience with drugs.

Although many of us know Yama Buddha, many are unaware of the fact that his real name is Anil Adhikari. His stage name Yama Buddha is a contrast in itself as Yama is the ‘Lord of death’, the dark devil while Buddha is ‘The Light’ or the symbol of peace. He believes that everyone has a choice whether to be good or bad in their actions. Although he was born in a far-eastern district of Salakpur, he grew up in Kathmandu since he was in grade six and he considers Kathmandu as his hometown.

He was inspired by the power of the hip-hop movement and fascinated by artists like Nepsydaz, GP, Eminem, Mos Def, Big L, AOTP, etc. He has been writing poems for almost fifteen years now and has released his self titled album Yama Buddha (in 2012).


He wrote the song Saathi to relieve his pain he felt for being there with his friends and supporting each other to continue using drugs. This song is dedicated to his friends to inspire them for quitting drugs while he was away from them living in London. He also wishes that everyone should quit intake of this life threatening substance and realize the value of life. He directed his first music video of the same song from his album.

As he has been creating music out of passion, he doesn’t feel any kind of pressure. Furthermore, he has no fear of being unheard of or hated because he believes he has already passed through that phase of life. Thankful to his fans for loving him, he believes their love has encouraged him to do even better. And although he has just begun and there is still a long way to go, he wishes to perform outside of the country as well.