Nepali movie Samjhana

Directed by Shambhu Pradhan, the Nepali movie Samjhana released in 1983 was a major hit at the box office. The movie featured the first golden couple of Nepali cinema, Bhuwan KC and Tripti Nadekar, where Tripti was seen as KC’s wife as well as daughter. Samjhana means ‘remembrance or memory’, hence, the movie is mostly a flashback that KC narrates to his daughter. The music for the movie was composed by Ranjit Gazmer and was popular as well.

Samjhana nepali movie

The film is shot mostly on the tea gardens of Darjeeling in India. KC, the new manager of the tea state, meets Tripti whiles his tour around the tea estate. She works their as the leaves picker. Their first awkward meeting gradually leads them to being friends and later lovers. The story as well as the scenes of the tea gardens of Darjeeling is beautiful and is successful to capture the attention of the audience. The slow developing friendship faces controversies and the people unsatisfied with their bond try to frame him and become successful at their attempts. He had to leave the estate and the job and what follows is for the audience to watch and know.

The movie is wonderfully shot and also the presentation is good. The actors also have done good work and although presenting Tripti as the mother (who dies after the birth of the daughter) as well as daughter might seem to be copied out of Bollywood movies, it does not reduce the effect of the movie on the audience. The movie was also successful to win the hearts of the audience and establish the two lead characters as the first golden couple of Nepali cinema. The music and the songs of the movie were also popular and were well received by the audience. It is also regarded as one of the must-watch classic Nepali movie.