Sabudanako Kheer

Sabudana tapioca pearls are one of the most popular items for making pudding, apart from rice. These small white pearls are popular for their taste as well as are healthy. Also known as sago, it is made from the starch collected from the pith inside the stems of the sago palm. Sabudanako kheer or tapioca pudding is one of the most desired puddings in Nepal used mostly during fasts or as snacks on other days.

Making Sabudanako kheer is easy and does not require much effort or ingredients. It is especially consumed on the day of ekadasi brata or other fasts. Here is one of the ways to make sabudanako kheer:

sabudana kheer


Small sabudana pearls, sugar, ghee or clarified butter, cardamom, cashew, raisin, coconut, date, almond and milk.


First of all, take a blender and grind sugar, cardamom, cashew, raisin, coconut, date and almond into a rough powder. Keep it aside and put milk to boil in a pan. Now, in another pan, heat some ghee or clarified butter. When the ghee is heated, add sabudana and stir fry it. When it starts to crackle, put it into the boiled milk and cook it for few minutes. Stir it and after about five minutes, add sugar and mix it thoroughly. Check it from to time to see if it is cooked and when it seems to be cooked, add the powdered dry fruits mixture into it. Remove it from heat and serve it hot. You can also let it cool and serve it, depending upon your taste. Enjoy your tasty and healthy sabudanako kheer.