Destination Kakani

Situated few kilometers away from the capital city of Kathmandu, Kakani is a beautiful hill village of Nepal. The place famous for trout and strawberry farming is one of the best places to go on a short hike during the season of strawberries.

Kakani is a small village town located among the hills. On a clear day, one could catch the glimpse of the beautiful Himalayan ranges with the green hills in the front. During the season of strawberries, the place is practically covered with red and green colors of the fruit. It is popular place for strawberry farming as most of the strawberries imported to Kathmandu come from here. Kakani is also famous for trout farming and as soon as you enter the boundary to this place, you will see the places covered with the pools of water carefully made to assist the farming techniques. The extremely delicious trout fish cuisines available here are quite expensive though.


The place is beautiful with greeneries all around and the green hills covered in the fog seem like they are wearing a soft white muflar over a green over coat.

Also, a farm for producing Himalayan cheese has been set up here after which the place will not only be known for trout and strawberries but also for yummy cow milk fresh cheese. Not only the destination, but the journey itself is exciting. You can go to Kakani on bus, bike, bicycle or simply take a hike. Either way, the road offers majestic views and at the end of it awaits you the beautiful village of Kakani. Although it is not so famous for sunrise and sunset views from here could also be of interest for many.

It also offers a place to explore the hill village culture. The people here are cheerful and friendly and the hills, jungles, fields, etc. offers a lot to explore and indulge on. There is also an army check point in Kakani before you go into the main village from where you can watch the beautiful strawberry farms with the majestic snow capped Himalayas on the back drop.

Going here during the rainy season on a bike calls for an adventure as the rain drops beating your face while the chilled air blows your hair makes you romantic and poetic. After you arrive here at Kakani, treating yourself with a bowl of Thukpa or a glass of chilled Beer is definitely rewarding.