Talking of music production and Direction

A talented music producer involved with a company 2S since 2008, Sushant Singh Thakuri has also completed a film making and direction course from Rajashree in Mumbai. For someone who wants to change the scenario of music in Nepal, he has given this goal of his a chance by coming back to Nepal as a music director. However, he would never leave behind what he had been doing before, i.e., music production.

He has directed two Nepali music videos and co-directed few short films during his stay in Mumbai. One of the music video is of the song Naulo sung by Sirish Bikram Thapa from the album C’ris while another is Jaldai Gaye by Amreet Chheti from the album Some One, the former being a happy pop song whereas the latter is a sad song.

sushant singh thakuri

Talking about the difference between producing and directing, Thakuri mentions that producing involves lots of risks while direction involves lots of creativity. Following his long born passion, he believes that finally he has started what he feels comfortable with and what he always truly wanted. Although he has become more selective about the music videos he would be producing, he does not plan to leave it altogether. Instead he is also planning to organize some musical concerts in near future. He has taken a step towards fulfilling his goal of making quality music in Nepal and his first two videos are the results of his attempts. The videos shot in Mumbai and New Delhi uses professional technicians, actors and cinematographer of India.

To make a quality music video, a minimum of one lakh is needed but the producers in Nepal aren’t ok with it and also the people are not ready to see changes in the concept and theme that hampers the improvement of the music scene in Nepal. The elements behind a success and good music video are its song, concept, cinematographer and good actors along with other technical things like camera, trolley zib, etc. and the most important of all, a good editor.

Apart from being involved in music video direction, this talented music producer and director plans to get busy organizing some music concerts and also create a bridge between Kollywood and Bollywood.