Top supermarkets and department stores in Kathmandu

We bring to you the top supermarket as well as departmental stores that are the most popular and loved ones in Kathmandu city. There are many famous supermarket and departmental stores, such as Bhat Bhateni Supermarket, Big Mart, Saleways and so on. But, there are not the only ones and to your delight, we have brought for you the list of the other supermarkets as well as department stores in Kathmandu that you might be unaware of and might come in handy for your convenience!

The supermarkets and the departmental stores have given the population of Kathmandu the freedom to choose a product by comparing them with their other substitutes, be provided with a wide range of products and have a diversity of price ranges to suit each and every customer’s budget. The customers have the opportunity to compare prices, choose products of different styles, get a proper customer service as well as be answered for any enquiry that they might have.

These stores are equipped with products which are mostly imported, but also give importance to the local made goods as well. Their infrastructure also facilitates parking, small food chains such as momo shops, ice-cream shops and so on. Such stores have products such as grocery products, fresh vegetables, pastries, frozen items, toiletry appliances, clothes, miscellaneous items, and the list goes on and on. Due to the popularity of such stores, some of them have also established chains of their stores in different localities in order to cater to the customer’s convenience and to expand their brand identity and customer base.

The following are the top supermarkets as well as department stores in Kathmandu city.