Trek to Kalinchowk

The trekking trail to Kalinchowk from Dolakha, at times, might seem rigorous and monotonous but the scenery accompanying you throughout the journey will make up to you. The trail starts at the distance of about an hour from the town of Dolakha and along the trail, the biggest buildings that you seen in the villages on your way is usually a monastery. The premises of these colorful structures that stand out amidst neatly raked fields are often adorned with the prayer flags blowing in the wind. It is an ideal place if you are an avid nature lover and love to watch the beautiful mountains and natural beauty of the earth. These views might even make you a poet if you like to write a line or two often.


Between the last village on the trail and Kalinchowk, there is only one house, however, the pylons along the trail gives you the sense of people’s presence here in the past. From here, the mountains play hide and seek with you between the forests and appear sometimes only to tease you from between the trees and branches. The winds, too, brings along the dry pods of the seeds making the trails quite boring from here. The trek to Kalinchowk takes about three to four hours, depending on your speed as the people who usually start the trek around mid-day reaches there in the evening. But, what could you want more than the setting sun waiting just for you before it hides behind the mountains for the night? The daylight ends leaving behind the glittery stars in the sky and the artificial lights lighting up in the village below.

Kalinchowk is also called Kuri and on the northern side of this village lays a dark hill that accommodates the Kalinchowk Bhagwati. The acclaimed goddess is considered as the sister of Kavre’s Palanchowk Bhagwati and Kathmandu’s Naxal Bhagwati and is equally powerful goddess. Although the climb to the shrine might seem tiring, the view from there is wonderful and if you climb from the western side, which is usually the tradition, you will have to climb an iron staircase that cross through a narrow but deep crevice. However, you can also climb through the eastern side which is less frightening. The simple temple has a collection of bells hanging from wooden bars and a heap of rusty tridents. The deity is symbolized by a small pit where you are to place your lamps and pray.

Kalinchowk is a beautiful village adorned with the backdrop of Mt Gauri Shankar and is also culturally and religiously rich because of the presence of powerful Kalinchowk Bhagawati.