Ambica Shrestha and her little den

Ambica Shrestha, the president of The Dwarika’s Hotel, is a very strong determinant woman who took command of the growing business in that time when her husband passed away in 1991 and raised her small hotel into one of the most reputed, high end hotels of Nepal. The Dwarika’s Hotel not only is famous in Nepal but also in overseas for its majestic architecture, use of traditional artifacts, artistic indoors and brilliant woodcarvings that reflects the Nepalese identity that allows the guest and visitors to have more knowledge about Nepalese art and tradition. This all was made possible due to determination of Ambica Shrestha.

Besides owning The Dwarika’s Hotel, she is also the head of Nepalese Heritage Society and Business and Professional Women Nepal, which works in field of preserving the cultural heritage of Nepal and for the uplifting underprivileged women. She is also the honorary consulate General of Spain for Nepal. She has contributed a lot in the field for uplifting the standard of Nepali women.

ambica shrestha

Her little den i.e. her office was set up in 1992 – 1993 AD after she took the responsibility of all the affairs when her husband passed away. In her office, she had kept the desk which her husband had designed. The paintings on the wall, the small idols of Lord Ganesh, the series of encyclopedias, etc. adorns her office room. She believes that Lord Ganesh in her office gives soothing calmness to her and was with her in every steps of her life during the sorrows and happiness. The office is arranged by herself and her daughter where she carries out different meetings, talks and decision. Besides this, the office leads to the beautiful views through the window where she constantly watch out during the leisure time. In the absence of her husband, she never let herself down and with strong willpower, she made it to the top.

Ambica Shrestha, a simple – minded woman is a great supporter of women and believes that if women are given opportunity, they can prove what they can do. So, the one thing that we can learn from her life is to never give up, no matter how difficult the path is.