Baker’s Den

Baker’s Den, truly a delight for all those foodies who love baked cuisines. Standing proudly across the oldest Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket’s gate, one of major attractions of the bakery is the soothing shades of white and light browns exhibited through the all-glass exterior making the interior of the place a major attraction for most. The interior of the bakery is different from most of the local bakeries with the spacious extension, minimum use of furniture and the stylist lamps.

This attractive interior design of the place that took about one year to complete was designed by an Italian designer. Managed by Rime Ghimire, the bakery is lit with natural light flowing in through the glass enclosure overlooking the busy street and the Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket. The place seems cozy in the evenings with the warmly lit aesthetic ceiling lights that brighten up the space. The bakery also has an extended coffee shop adjacent to it along with a small outdoor area to sit and sip the savory Lavazza Coffee.

baker's den

At Baker’s Den, you can order cakes of your choice and design in varying styles like 2D or 3D designs and also you can provide the images for ordering the cake in the design of your choice. The time for the preparation of a 3D cake takes about a week and that of 2D takes about three days. The chefs at the bakery are trained by German epicureans and the place also has a Swiss chef to offer more choices in their already varied range of bakery products.

The varieties of flavorful and sweet items like pastries, patties, doughnuts, pizzas, etc. are displayed at the bakery that is available for eating there or for take away. The breads on display offer different tastes and nutritional requirements as they are made from various grains. Also, the bakery has regular customers coming daily especially for the breads. Moreover, the cookies of different flavors are available here along with the high quality and flavorful chocolate that they prepare there. Also the sugar free and eggless items are offered for the diabetic patients and vegetarians with the pastries that are enough to tempt you.

This new establishment has changed the traditional understanding of a bakery and the Baker’s Den has come up as a challenge for the other bakeries with the quality of the products as well as the ambience of the place.