Barista Lavazza Café in Nepal

Located on the first floor of Metro Park on the opposite side of the northern gate of Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Barista Lavazza Café stands proudly colored in its trademark orange shade. The café is an initiative of Shyam Kakshyapati, the Chairman of Naglo Pvt. Ltd. to bring the Italian coffee experience in Nepal. Although the Lavazza products like coffee beans, canned coffee are available in different supermarkets here and the coffee joints here, they are not Lavazza cafés. As Italy is synonymous with coffee, at Barista the people of Nepal could be able to taste the Italian coffee experience. It will be new for the locals, however, familiar to the tourists. There are also standards, quality and consistency that come along with the international franchise at Barista beside Italian coffee.

Besides Lavazza coffee, it is also popular for some of its other classic beverages like Mojitos and Granitas that are available in two exotic flavors, Kiwi and Watermelon. It also offers some signature quick bites like calzone, an assortment of sandwiches and puffs and pastries like Temptation and Moccha Mousse.

barista lavazza cafe

Not only the Italian espresso or snacks but the place also has the interior decoration done to meet the standards of the Barista head office in Delhi keeping in mind everything, from fabric to metal, furniture to coffee machine and even the stickers were brought from India because it didn’t want to compromise on its standards. Also, the service here meets the international standards with the staff members dressed neatly in the bright orange Barista T-shirts and the dark blue Lavazza signature aprons with a warm smile on their lips. All the staff members have received three-week training at different Barista outlets in India to learn the coffee recipes. The training was not only about the recipe but it was more of a grooming session where the staffs learned about the Barista culture, the way they greet the clients, presentation, team work, personality development and many more. And not only this, even the standard Barista guitars and scrabble boards are available here like it would be in any Barista outlet.

Barista Lavazza Café is one of the many international franchises that have opened its outlet in Nepal, however, at the same time, it is among those few cafés in Nepal that actually specializes on coffee.