Best coffee places in Pokhara

We have prepared a list of the best coffee places in Pokhara just for you! There are many lovely coffee places here in Pokhara, some of which are Pokhara Java, AM/PM Organic Café an son on, but there are many more.

Pokhara is a busy city with a crowd mostly of tourists and people from other parts of Nepal to visit the lake city. And there’s absolutely nothing better for such a tourist population than to chat in a coffee shop with the best coffee to go along with it!

Pokhara has many coffee cafes that are welcome to all kinds of customers. They serve a variety of different mix of coffee with different tastes and a lot  of options to choose from such as: cold coffee sets, hot coffee sets, blended coffee and so on. Moreover, the coffee restaurants are now much more updated with all kinds of modern and upgraded equipments and techniques for an elevated customer service. They have the most trained and highly skilled workers with the suitable training as well. They also provide a clean environment with a relaxing setting for the customers.

Following is the list of the best coffee places that you must visit in Pokhara.