Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CMBSL)

Update: The company was acquired by Civil Bank Limited in 2014.

Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CMBSL) was established in 2005 under the Company Act 2053 BS and Bank and Financial Institution Ordinance 2062 BS in order to collect the barren capitals of public to streamline them to invest institutionally towards the development of the country. The company is promoted by a group of bankers and engineers who are dedicated towards excellent service to the people or their clients and customers.

A Merchant Banking and finance company, Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited is operating to provide highly professional banking and financial services to people and business in Nepal. The company offers a host of flexible options to help its customers maximize their savings that allows them to plan a financially secure future. With an aim to extend its truly magnificent service, the company has been and also plans to further extend its branch offices at various locations in the country.

civil merchant

The major objectives of the company are its commitment to excellence in serving the public and also excelling in corporate values, dedicating itself to satisfying customers’ needs by being responsive, professional, efficient and reliable, reaching beyond the norms set by other bittiya sanstha by setting new customer service standards which surpass its competitors and providing excellent professional services and improving its position as a leader in the field of financial related services, remaining a financially strong independent CMBSL and delivering the highest level of value and service and exceeding the expectations of its customers by building loyal relationships through products and service of high quality and value and enhancing the quality of life in the communities it serve.

For meeting its objectives as well as the requirements of the customers, the company offers various products and services such as Fixed Deposit, Normal Saving Account, Bal Suraksha Khata, Mahila Suraksha Khata, Jestha Nagarik Khata, Prime Civil Account, Civil Merchant Plus, Civil Family Account and Recurring Deposit under its deposit and saving account schemes and Hire Purchase Loan, Loan Against Fixed Deposit, Loan Against Shares, Home Loan, Real Estate Loan, Education Loan, Trade Loan, Personal Loan and Deprived Sector Loan under its loan and advances schemes. It also offers Civil Pension Scheme and New Year Offer along with the remittance service to its customers and clients through its head office and a branch office (Banepa).

Civil Bank Limited acquired Civil Merchant Bittiya Sanstha Limited (CMBSL) and Axis Development Bank in 2014.