Lord Buddha Finance Limited

Update: The finance company merged into Global IME Bank in  2012.

Lord Buddha Finance Limited was established in 2006 in order to collect the capital of public to streamline them to invest institutionally towards the development of the country. The company promoted by a group of bankers and experienced businessmen offers a host of flexible option to maximize the savings of its customers that allows them to plan a financially secure future and side by side increase everyone’s purchasing power. The company abides by the motto ‘your complete solution to personal banking’.


Understanding the productive use of the collected capital that has been otherwise staying idle, the company established by reputed business personnel aims to provide high quality services to its customers. The company’s major objective is to provide hassle free, easy, quick and effective services to its customers staying within the perimeter of the government rules and regulation. Besides that, Lord Buddha Finance Limited also considers investing in productive areas, providing excellent professional services and improving its position as a leader in the field of finance related service, dedicating itself to satisfying customer needs by being responsive professional, efficient and reliable, exceeding the expectations of its customers by building loyal relationships through quality products and services and enhancing the quality of life as its major objectives and mission.

The finance company established with the authorized capital of twenty crores, issued capital of eleven crores and twenty five lakhs and paid up capital of eleven crore and twenty five lakhs has majority of its shares under the control of its promoters. The products and services offered by the Lord Buddha Finance Limited in order to meet the financial and banking requirements of its clients and customers are Bhakari Deposit, Lord Saving, Jestha Nagarik Saving Scheme, Shareholder’s Saving Account, Buddha Plus Scheme, LBFL Nari Saving Scheme, LBFL Karmachari Saving Scheme, LBFL Bal Balika Saving Scheme, Special Saving Scheme, General Saving Scheme, Institutional Saving Scheme and Term Deposit Scheme under its saving and deposit account schemes and Industrial Loan, Business Loan, Housing Loan, Real Estate Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Educational Loan, Share Loan, Personal and Other Loan, Deprived Sector Loan and Fixed Deposit Receipt Loan under its loan and advances schemes.

The finance company merged with Global Bank Limited and IME Finance Limited in 2012. The joint entity started operating as Global IME Bank Limited.