Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC)

Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) is a non-profit organization established in 1999 and is situated in North Carolina. It was established with a purpose to blend and foster friendship and cordial relations with the local community, protect Nepali culture and identity, extend helping hand to Nepal and the Nepalese around the world in any possible way. The organization has also been involved in disseminating information and advice to new and potential comers to North Carolina as well as to those who have a desire to learn about Nepal and Nepali culture along with those who plan to take a trip to Nepal.

The major objectives of the organization is to preserve the cultural heritage, traditions and customs of Nepal, to promote Nepalese arts, literature, music, dances and customs, to promote educational, charitable, social and sports activities, to provide networking opportunities for NCNC members and others, to provide assistance to increase the welfare of the people of Nepal, to provide information and moral support to Nepali migrants, students and new comers with the integration in to the main stream of the USA and to provide emergency support to the people in need.

NCNC logo

The organization has hosted a series of programs in North Carolina featuring some of the popular Nepali artists, especially from the genre of comedy/drama like the MaHa pair, Manoj Gajurel, Maalatii Mangale and also from musical background like Deep Shrestha, Nabin K Bhattarai, Nhyo Bajracharya, Sambhujeet Banskota, Prem Raja Mahat, Bhuwan KC, Shringara Nepal, etc. It has also organized larger regional conventions like Joint ANASEA/ANMA/NCNC held in Raleigh in September 2001 and 2009 that were attended by more than 500 people. It also organizes several activities like Teej celebration, Dashain and Tihar (Deusi Bhailo) celebration and New Year Celebration along with sports competition like volleyball.

It is also operating a Nepali school for children and its members have also provided financial help to the people in need, usually the victims of natural calamities or the victims of accidents in Green Ville, North Carolina. The contributions made by the Nepal Center of North Carolina have been appreciated by the other organizations and people. For further information, email,