Something about Siraha district

Siraha is one of the districts located in the eastern part of Nepal and is highly populated with the people belonging to the Madhesi, Tharu, Muslims and Marwari communities. The only municipal town in Siraha district is Lahan that lay on the either sides of the east-west highway. It also serves as a market place for people from mountain and Terai coming here to purchase their basic needs.


More than in any other districts, the interiors of Siraha district are densely populated with some of indigenous backward communities living here. These places inhabited by the Tharu, Pasawan and Dhusadha communities are rich in terms of their ancient culture like the construction and preservation of big sized artificial (human-made) ponds spread over thousands of square meters and 4 to 5 meters deep. A pond named Manikdaha, situated north of Lahan at about 4 hour walking distance, is said to be dug by a king named Manik in ancient times. This 1 km long and 100 meters wide pond has the natural shape of a river and there are no records of it drying up. The area around the pond is clustered with small temple enshrined with earthen images of various gods and goddess.

Located at the distance of some 22 km south of Chaharwa a bus stop on the east-west highway, Siraha bazaar is the district headquarters of Siraha and is located at about 18 km west of Lahan. Inhabited mostly by the Yadavs, Jhas and Rajput communities, Siraha Bazaar is clustered with small businesses serving the local needs. The major rivers in the district are Kamala, Mainabari, Gagana, Kutti, Balan and Kalyan Buses from Lahan take you to Siraha and also Lahan connects the district with other parts of Nepal. Majority of the buses operating on the east-west highway of the country passes through Lahan, hence, connecting the district with other parts of the county.