St. Mary’s School Biratnagar

Established in the year 2008 under the management of the sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (officially known as The Congregation of Jesus), St. Mary’s School situated in Biratnagar is a girls-only school. The international institution (Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary), devoted to the education of the youth, was established by an English lady named Mary Ward in the year 1609.

The school provides education to the girls belonging to all communities, irrespective of their status, caste, creed and religion and helps the students develop their personality by imparting in them strong character, love of truth, respect, loyalty, a sense of justice and the necessity for honest hard work. The school, by imparting these characteristics in its students, aims to make them an honor to womanhood and a source of happiness and blessing to all whom they come in contact with.

The school started with the vision of forming fearless and vibrant citizens who are able to face the challenges of life believes that education is a powerful agent of social transformation and with this belief, the school thrives to empower women and students by instilling in them, a sense of justice, religious tolerance, compassion and love. The school not only imparts quality education and moral values to the students but also provides physical training, social and cultural activities and other extracurricular activities so that the students become disciplined and worthy citizens.

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St. Mary’s School attempts to make the students aware of the value system of the world they live in so that they become able to analyze it critically and make responsible decisions for themselves. Furthermore, they are led to appreciate God’s creation, value life, human dignity and potential in order to pursue fullness of life. A girl’s school in Nepal that prioritizes quality education, St. Mary’s School, since its inception, has been involved in developing children to become disciplined, self motivated and hard working so that they would be able to achieve success in their life.

The school also has its own website through which it tries to give information to the people and also, the school tries to maintain good communication with the parents of the students and other stakeholders to update them about the achievements as well as difficulties of the students and the school itself. For further details on school, call on +977-21-532934 or email at