Ten things to do in Dharan

Dharan is a beautiful town surrounded by the hills, on the eastern side of Nepal. It is famous for its natural beauty, religious shrines, BP Koirala Institute of Health Science and its unique sense of style and fashion. This beautiful town has a lot to offer to its visitors. Here are ten things that one can do while her/his stay in Dharan:

Play Golf

Nirvana Country Club in Dharan offers the country’s cheapest Golf membership for Rs 2000 a month. It eliminates the perception of Golf being an expensive sport by providing such a lucrative bargain. The next time you are in Dharan, do not forget to treat yourself to this otherwise expensive sport at such an attractive bargain.

Drive to Bhedetar

A twenty minutes ride from the main bazaar of Dharan takes you to the cool and rejuvenating hill station in Bhedetar. The view from the Charles Point is breathtaking and one cannot think of leaving the place behind and leave.

Hike to Namche

A few minutes’ drive from Bhedetar, Namche is recognized by CNN as one of the top ten places to see. A 20 minute walk uphill takes you to this picturesque village that offers a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Walk around the BP Koirala Institute of Health Science

One of the famous health institutes in Nepal, the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences has a pretty large area and a walk around it makes a good exercise. The best time will be the evenings when the cool breeze gently strokes on your face. The Paan (beetle leaf) at a local shop outside the institute is a must- eat.

Spend some time in a local pub

Dharan is one of the most fashionable and stylish town in Nepal. The best way to observe some of the latest trends in the town is by visiting the local pubs. There are few places offering live music that stay open till 10pm while most of the places closes at 8.

Pilgrimage to the holy shrines

The famous Dantakali temple is in Dharan. Make sure to visit this temple which is believed to be one of the Shakti Peeths where Sati Devi’s tooth had fall. Also, the temple of Budha Subba is enshrined here where the bamboo plants do not have the top part and also no crows are seen around the area.

Picnic around the Raja Rani Lake

If you stay in Dharan and do not go to the Raja Rani Lake for picnic, it would be a shame. The place is calm and beautiful and very suitable for a picnic. Also, boating on the lake is available. The stong winds blowing here make this place pretty cold, so, you might need a jacket and a cap.

Taste sugarcane from Tamar Khola

The sugarcane of Tomar Khola is a must-try thing while in Dharan. If you miss tasting this stuff, you would be regretting it as savoring the sugary goodness of this sugarcane could make you forget some of the sweetest tastes in the world.

Barbeque Party at Yalamber Park

Among the three community parks in Dharan, Yalamber Park is a great place to have a barbeque party with friends. For the pork barbeque lovers, Dharan is truly a haven.

Clothes shopping at Bhanu Chowk

The numerous shops around Bhanu Chowk offer diverse options for clothes at a very reasonable price. The materials could be given to the local tailors who transform them into clothing as per your designs.