Buddha Academy

Buddha academy, which provides qualitative and time based education for the children of all level and from any familial background, was established at Bhakundebesi in Kavre with an area of six ropanies by a group of renowned personalities and social workers. With an aim to upgrade the school up to class 12, the school currently runs the class from Nursery to ten. Each organization has its own objectives and the objective of Buddha Academy is to enhance the knowledge of their students in contemplation, instruction and reasoning power. Its sole objective is to inculcation of their students in the sense of responsibility, love and belonging.

The school provides hygienic cafeteria, library with lots of good books, computer and other laboratory. There is also a facility of school bus. There are three buses one from Patlekhet to Bhakundebesi, other is from Laskot, Katunge, Phedi to Bhakunde and another from Kottimal to Bhakundebesi. Buddha Academy tends to motivate and make their students move towards excellence as they want their student to grow with their natural instincts with an insights vision to understand the world. Research based, observation based and contemplation based learning methodologies are applied to enhance students’ creativity.

Buddha academy

The school also carries out co-curricular activities such as debate, quiz, exhibition, involvement in social work, literacy work, etc. Besides evaluating students from co-curricular activities, the school conducts exams for evaluating them as well. The school has set certain methods on which it aspires to evaluate the personality of its students, their attitudes and behavioral aspects. The evaluation system includes both internal evaluation of students’ personality and their performance in the formal exam. There is a facility of hostel and day boarders. Chinese language teaching is also offered to the students. Academicals support is provided from Singapore Management University and case study from student level and educational tour are some of its key features.

The school that believes in the saying “progress comes through the discipline” wants their students to be competitive, and also build up their personality and behavioral aspect so that they can complete in this competitive world. Buddha Academy is located at Khanaithok-7, Bhakundebesi, Kavre, Nepal and for further, detail log on to its website www.buddha_academy.com or contact +977-1-6911024.