Cable Car in Nepal

Introduced as a recent phenomenon in Nepal, Manakamana Cable car is the only cable car service in Nepal. It was inaugurated on November 24, 1998, by the then Prince Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Since its installation, it has gained huge popularity among the people of Nepal as well as the tourists. It has also increased the religious tourism in Nepal as the cable car service takes you to the sacred shrine of goddess Manakamana.

 The cable car station is situated in Kurintar which is about 105km west of Kathmandu on Kathmandu-Pokhara highway. There are also some good restaurants and resorts for providing the accommodation and food services, especially to the tourists. The temple lies 12 km south of historic town of Gorkha and it is believed that the goddess fulfills the wishes of her devotees which is why she is regarded as Manakamana.

The pilgrims used to walk for hours and trek up to the hilltop for about five hours before the cable car service started. Now, with the cable car service, the distance has become closer and the time has been reduced to ten minutes. Each car has the seating capacity of 6 people, and with total of 31 passenger cars and 3 cargo cars, it provides services to 600 people per hour.

The system installed by the renowned Austrian company Dopplemayr is 100 percent safe and has supporting features like automatic backup generator, hydraulic emergency drive and a team of qualified and well-trained staff and technicians. It has gained immense support from its customers within a short period of time. The safety, comfort, customer service, cleanliness and efficiency are the reasons for its increasing popularity. Along with that, the cable car facility also provides the wonderful views of the regions and from atop the hills, the world down looks like heaven. Also, the thrill and shivering one feels when the cable car nears a tower is exciting.

Some travel agencies also offer package programs which provide one day visit to Manakamana by picking you up at the desired place, taking you to cable car station and later dropping you back home. The service is available from 9 am to 5 pm except for the one and half hour lunch break from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. Nepalese students and elders can take their identification documents for the discount facilities and the tickets are valid for seven days of from the date of issue.