The city of Birgunj

Situated about three kilometers from the northern Indian border at Raxual, the city of Birgunj is serves as one of the main entry point to Nepal from India for the routes such as Calcutta and Patna. Not only for the people but it also serves as the main entry point for the foreign goods imported to Nepal as the goods shipped to Nepal by sea come here through Calcutta-Haldia Port to Raxual to Birgunj to Kathmandu and other cities.

The city mainly serves as a transit or stop for travelers, businessmen and pilgrims going to other destinations in Nepal apart from few tourists who actually visit the city. It could also be considered as a shopping destination as most of the goods imported to Nepal come via this place. Spending a day or two in Birgunj is, however, a better way to understand the life of Terai in Nepal. The population of Birgunj is multi lingual and multi ethnic as the people here speak Nepali, Maithali, Newari, Hindi and few other languages.


Shankar Acharya Gate, Buddha Chaitya, Durga temple, Ghadiharwa Pokhari, Clock tower, City Hall, Goddess Gadi Mai temple (at Kalaiya town 13km from Birgunj) are some of the places for sightseeing during the stay in Birgunj. You can also observe the life of the local folks and farmers and try to understand the way of life of people in Terai of Nepal.

Also, a medical school is situated here which not only accommodates the local but also the international students. A railway connects Birgunj to Raxual resulting in its connection with many cities in India. Several flights take off daily from Kathmandu to Simara airport that is some 20km away from Birgunj and also bus services are available from Kathmandu. Birgunj is easily accessible from many cities of Nepal by road.