Guitarist Diwas Gurung

Diwas Gurung, a well known guitarist, is one of the founding member of the progressive rock outfit Ayurveda based in the US and also former guitarist of Nepali Rock Group Albatross. For him, music is passion rather than just a career. He pursued his education along with the music and soon he became popular to many faces in a few duration of time both in Nepali and overseas.

Gurung used to enjoy music during childhood period and it was 9th grade when he actually played guitar. While studying at Budhanilkantha, he set up a student club called Guitar Café which was responsible for organizing different cultural shows in school itself. After finishing high school, he along with his friends formed a group ‘Mop Handle Mama’ and played three live shows. It was that time when he met Sunny and Avaya from Albatross and formerly joined a band Albatross. In 2001, along with Albatross, he released the album ‘Hi – Fly’ a record that mixed hard rock with heavy metal and continued his journey.

diwas gurung

The journey with Albatross soon came to an end when he got an opportunity to move to an US for higher studies study but soon he came in contact with Ayurveda and then came with Radiohead, electro mix, electronic with eastern classical tunes. It recorded three ETs as white cover in 2006 followed by Being in 2008 out of which Being received a brilliant response from songs Shopwench, Universal Mind, etc. In their songs, we can find psychedelic rock, progressive rock all types mixed together which was a major key for their popularity. The band traveled extensively across US performing in shows. He also released his solo ‘Rato Mato’ which also became popular among the people. After that, he leaft Ayurveda and started a new journey with new outfit ‘Photoreal’ with Halperin and Parker and produced advancement in music in many aspects including projections and other stage elements. Together with them, they had released two singles Something in the sky and The night awaits and had toured around the US and Canada.

Diwas Gurung, a passionate guitar has not only established himself in Nepal but also formed band in US. He proved that with enthusiasm, passion and confidence one can get success in his life.