Kakra-aaluko achar

Kakra-aaluko achar is one of the most popular pickles made in almost every Nepali household. Even if the process and one or two ingredients might vary, the taste of this pickle is more or less same no matter how you make it. Using cucumber and potato as the key ingredients, kakra-aaluko achar is one of the most essential and common item found during the religious as well as cultural celebrations in Nepal. It is also used as Prasad during the pujas and is also included in sida (a gift of raw food and spices given to the priest in exchange for performing a ritual).

One of the most popular and most desired pickles in Nepal, one need not have to wait for a ceremony or occasion to arrive to devour this pickle as making this pickle is one of the easiest tasks performed in the kitchen. The recipe for making his common and popular kakra-aaluko achar is given below:

kakra-aaluko achar


Grated or finely chopped cucumber, diced boiled potatoes, tilko chhop, oil, fenugreek seeds, green chili sliced into half (lengthwise), salt, a pinch of turmeric (optional), fresh lemon juice, water as required and coriander for garnish.


First of all, take a large mixing bowl and put the cucumber and potatoes into it. Now, add til ko chhop and salt to it.

In a pan, heat some oil and splatter fenugreek seeds and when the seeds start to crackle, add the green chilies. After about five seconds, add a pinch of turmeric and pour it over the cucumber potato mix. Now, squeeze the lemon and mix everything thoroughly, slightly mashing some of the potato pieces to give the pickle thick gravy-like texture. Ad some water while you mix the ingredients and mix it very well. Season it with salt and garnish with the coriander leaves (optional). Your kakra-aaluko achar is ready to be served with rice, roti or snacks.