At Manny’s

If you follow the lights from the main road to the entrance of the tapas bar and eatery, you will be greeted by the host (waiter) as soon as you reach there. Manny’s property is divided into four sections consisting of a dining area done in ample lights, a casual patio with projection screen, a verandah with snug recliner-type chairs and the indoor bar done in earthy tones with minimal lighting, controlled temperature and oil paintings of food. The indoor bar offers your interaction with the bartender sitting on a stool right at the counter.


The tapas menu is well managed and is not at all confusing. The selection of snacks to go with drinks is quite comforting and the foods are easy to handle and not messy. While the patatas bravas boast of excellence balance of flavors, the tomato-based sauce comes with olives and a heavy dose of green chili peppers and with balanced saltiness. Grilled jumbo prawns in garlic and herb oil going by the name of the gambari al olio is a juicy treat with the warm garlic and minimal herbs giving pleasant aroma and slightly sour hint. A great combination with the spicy cuisines is the electric blue mint margarita. Located in Shaligram Complex, Jawalakhel, Manny’s is famous for the tapas and the cocktails and a good place for evening hangouts.

The Pad Thai, rice noodles with an over-powering aroma of fish sauce is recommendable for the main course with the rice noodles cooked to the right texture and sourness balanced by the red chili peppers, it is better than its original recipe. The tequila marinated chicken that comprises of a thin slice served with bean sprouts and chopped red onions in a zesty dressing with rice and comes with a bone attached to the chicken and a commendable garnishing of herbs. Complemented by a sauce served separate enabling you to decide the amount you want to go in, tequila marinated chicken, however, will not get you drunk. The Thai style roasted chicken comes with good serving of Som Tom, rice and accompanying sauce. The crunchy brown roast on the outside is soft on the inside and is not succulent kind of roasted chicken but it is largely devoid of flavors besides that of chicken itself.

Manny’s is one of the good places to go for lunch as it is determined to stick to a particular theme rather than being bent by the winds of common practices. The service is professional and an adjoining library adds up to the thrill of visiting the place.