Nepali movie Kathmandu

‘Kathmandu’ a Akash Adhikari’s movie, is the story of those who come to Kathmandu from different parts of Nepal leaving their home in search of opportunities to fulfill their dreams and at the same time, those dream being smashed by different reasons. With Akash Adhikari himself in the lead role, the movie presents such dreams, various problems of the youth, unemployment, negligence of government, games played by politicians, problems of the street children and exploitation of girls as well, in short, too many issues to have done justice to any one of them.

The movie Kathmandu is a story of a character named Aryan Rana (Akash Adhikari) who returns to Nepal from USA after completing his study and searching for the opportunity of making a movie. During that time, he has to face different problems of Kathmandu and he overcomes it but he had to return back to USA due to his family problems. Also the story reflects the parents’ negligence towards their children due to which they get involved in different social problems, the drug addiction being one among others. The lead actor shoots such social problems where a girl named Simrik (Prapti Ghimire) is also involved in. Apart from family tension, it also presents the problems caused by misunderstanding between parents and carelessness towards children due to which teens are forced to fall under drug abuse.


Kathmandu has one of the best aspects i.e. the quality of picture which is shot with the 4K camera making the quality awesome. Kathmandu although attempts to show strong impact of parents’ mistake they make while raising their children, it could have been improved and made more creative. The story shows a lot of problems rather than selected one which makes it tasteless. The direction as well as cinematography is impressive and most of all music, has added a new taste to the film but Akash has failed to bring great (as it could have been) output with such adorable stories. Talking about the star cast, the actresses had done justice to their role which is appreciable. Among them Prapti’s acting is the best and she has proved to be a promising newcomer in the Nepali industry. Akash has done a good job but more improvement could have been there. Kathmandu focuses on the problems related to high class family only but mainly the related problems arise in the middle class family which makes it more boring.

Although Kathmandu has bitter taste, it appeared as a new era in Nepali movie industry with the best picture quality making it a worth a watch.