Rajdevi Temple

Rajdevi Temple, one of the famous temples in Eastern region, is situated at Rajbiraj – 9, Saptari. The temple holds high religious significance in the life of the people of Rajbiraj and also the town itself is named after it (‘Raj’ from the name of the temple and ‘biraj’ meaning residing). It is believed that the stone carved statues of Gods and Goddess inside the temple are more than 1000 years old and they are also said to have been kept in the same position they were found in. This is also one of the reasons why the statues are underground. Goddess Rajdevi is one of the many forms of Goddess Durga, the goddess of strength and power.

During the festival of Dashain, Rajdevi Temple welcomes thousands of devotees coming to pay their homage to the Goddess. Many people make the offering of animal sacrifices to please the goddess on the last three days of Navaratri. One of largest temples of Rajbiraj, it is also accompanied by another temple beside it. The Chitragupta temple that lay on the right side of the temple itself is unique as the temple of Chitragupta is quite rare to find. It is said that while digging the place where the temple stands today, people found one pen along with Chitragupta. The pen is believed to belong to Chitragupta who is responsible for keeping the records of the people and their deeds while they lived on the earth. The pen is kept on auction every year and the highest bidder gets to keep the pen for a year.

Photo by: Anisha Bhattarai

Photo by: Anisha Bhattarai

Besides the goddess, the statues of other gods like Lord Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu were also found while digging and are enshrined in the temple. Devotees, not only from Rajbiraj but also from surrounding areas and most of the places of Nepal come to the temple to worship the goddess. There is also a podium for marriage (Vivaha MandapI) in the temple premises where the marriage ceremony is conducted.

Rajdevi temple holds great historical, religious and cultural significance, not only in the life of people living in Rajbiraj but in life of those living in other areas as well. However, the place and the temple is not so popular like other temples because of inefficiency of the government in its promotion. Nevertheless, the temple holds high religious, cultural and historical significance in Rajbiraj and the people living there.